Wiki Worthiness

I'm struggling with the worthiness of wikidom! I like the idea of being able to share information with people, but it feels so random and unfocused. I wonder if it would work differently if there was a very focused topic to build a wiki around. For instance, a book club lets say. If we were creating topics and commentary around a particular book maybe it would feel more useful. We could have a giant ongoing discussion. I think the topic and the participants engaged in a particular topic are what make it worthy. What do you think?smlehman

I agree with you Suzanne. I am struggling with what to even write to create a new page for the Wiki much less having any expertise in the subject. I believe my use of the Wiki would be more informal such as a book club, general work information or a committee meeting information. Though, am I correct in that anyone can read this Wiki or is it just private and for those invited? I do like the fact that it is locked for others from editing for a certain amount of time so I can get my thoughts down before someone else does and we are on a new subject. (Like our discussion boards sometime they move so fast that by time I comment we are on another idea). cpiv

I think this as a project in itself makes less sense. If we had taken a group project and worked on creating it through a wiki that would make more sense. Like the camping example in the video. Instead it feels more like we are posting 5 disjointed wiki's with no continuity. You know us nurses, we like structure, organization and continuity. I do think it gave me a chance to practice some technology skills, but the end product seems disjointed. SBB

You have a point.

So let's try to design an assignment that future IT for nurses students could do via a wiki. Something that would need to be edited, not just separate entries added to a page or a new page. SBB

OK, here is my idea…

Poll the students at the prior to the start of the term and see what 2 or 3 technology items they want to learn about the most. Pick one of the more popular technology items and as a group they must create one Wiki page about that particular subject.

I like your idea Sarah. Another thought might be to wiki about each type of instructional technology as it's covered in the course. There could be a minimum number of times you participate in creating a wiki. So you could choose which one's you added to over the duration of the course. The goal of each wiki could be to report what you liked and disliked about the technology and how it might be used as a nurse educator. You could also add to someone elses wiki as a way of meeting the requirement. It's similiar to what we're doing now but perhaps has a bit more structure to it. SMlehman

I really like the idea of doing a wiki about new technology that we are learning about and then give students the opporunity to discuss, through the wiki, how it could be used for a nurse educator. Sometimes it is hard for me to imagine how certain technologies can be integrated easily into nursing education so it would be nice if we could discuss it as a group and then find ways to incorporate them into our practice. MK

I think it could be a really nice discussion forum as well. If an instructor posted discussion questions and titled them, I think this woould be a really easy to read format, and best of all…you can save your wor/preview your work, or add more later if needed. TAR

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