Simulation Mannequins

One of the latest trends in nursing education around technology is using simulation in education of students.

One company that provides simulation mannequins is Laerdal.

Here is a YouTube of the use of a vital sim in a nursing simulation.

How much can a student learn from simulation and does it assist with critial thinking? These are pressing questions in nursing education. -SBB

I do feel the students can learn a lot from simulations especially with the VitalSim mannequins and all they can simulate. I believe the students are able to critically think during simulations and allowed to make mistakes or ask questions without putting a real person's life or health in jeaopardy. Thys also are able to repeat skills over and over until they feel comfortable enough to do on a real person. cpiv

After watching that video, I was very impressed with what the mannequins can do and are capable of showing the students. It makes me wonder how previous generations of nurses were able to learn without these wonderful tools? I guess it was just oldfasioned trial and error (sadly the errors had to occur on patients). I know when I went to nursing school we had mannequins but they didn't interact with us! I guess we are providing these new generation nurses with the experience to practice skills on a more complex mannequin which will help increase their confidence. I think the mannequins are useful because they can help the students focus on learning the skill and having room for error (which doesn't affect any patients) while also having the ability to practice a skill multiple times until they feel comfortable. MK

Nursing students also learn from each other. As you see in the video there is a group of students working together. If one would happen to make a mistake the other student could be a resource. It would be great discussion at the end of the simulation. Debriefing is very important for simulations. It helps the students have confidence in the skills they know and improve on what they are uncomfortable or don't know. CRPurf

NLN's e-learning site for use of simulation in nurse education**
This site contains online courses for everything from integrating simulation into the curriculum to evaluation and faculty development. It sounds like integrating a new technology like simulations can be very time consuming-this may be a time effective tool for faculty.


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