Virtual reality

Although there is a piece of me that thinks the avitar is goofy, it does serve a purpose. I know that Metropolitan State uses something similar called virtual excursions. With programs having to fight for clinical time and space these type of tools give students another way to practice skills and think critically. If I had a student who could not make it to a clinical day last fall, I would have them do a few virtual excursions. My feeling is we will see more and more of this in the future for education. CE

I agree that the avitar world is something goofy and difficult for me to conceptualize because I haven't ever used it, I can see where it would be benefical for programs to use to help students become familiar with concepts. I do however worry that because of all these new technologies, there will be less emphasis placed on learning in the clinical setting with a real patient. Even though the virutal world interacts with you, it in no way can come close to the experience that a student can get from a real interaction. It blow my mind that in the avitar world, you can create yourself, your career and even date! What a concept- maybe I am just to much of a immigrant pertaining to this technology :) MK Here is an example of an avitar. crpurf

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