Using technology in nursing education

There are lots of ways to use technology in nursing education. Here are some examples of ways technology can be incorporated into nursing education - both for educating nurses and educating patients.

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Google Calendar
My most current use of technology is related to advising. Prior to registration advisors need to meet with advisees in order for students to make good academic plans. In this technologically advanced time having a sign-up sheet on an office door seems old fashioned. It also doesn't take into account the kind of students that are enrolling in college. Instead create a google calendar to create an advising calendar that students can access where ever they are. Students can view the times you have available and e-mail a time request for their advising. As a mobile facutly it has also improved my connection with my advisees and added to my awareness of who will be coming to see me when. Google calendar could also be used to let students have access to a class calendar from anywhere. What other applications for Google Calendar are there in education?

I don't want to change what the previous writer has said, but I know that in health care having something like the google calendar helps practitioners keep abreast of schedules, clinics etc. My husband can check his calendar on his iphone and see what clinics and patients he has. The secretary of the department sends things directly to his calendar. When I worked as an Occupational Health RN, I could pull up everyone's calendar in the dept. This was quite useful especially if I had to refer someone to the Occupational Health physician.CE

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