technology in childbirth ed CE

One technological change that has taken place where I teach childbirth education is that all participants are now signing up for classes online. This has saved North Memorial money in that it doesn't have to pay someone to man the phones for registration. There have been some oddities that have to be worked out like the last time I taught I had 10 couples sign up for the class and 5 more couples showed up.

We have started to embed little snipits of video into the power point to illustrate important topics. This is a nice feature because with the old tapes we had to fast forward to get to where we wanted to be and then stop the tape or show more of the film than was necessary. Now I can show 10 minutes of a portion of the cesarean section video that used to be a half an hour and I don't have to find the exact spot that I want on the tape anymore.

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