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One way that I have stayed in touch with students once they graduate is through facebook. I do not invite every student to join me on facebook. There are certain students that I have a relationship with which has taken on a friendship and mentor quality to them. Facebook is the perfect way for the to stay in touch, ask questions, and get some support. It also allows me to keep up to date on how they are doing as new nurses and offer support or advice as needed.


I have also been able to stay in touch with some of my old co-workers, which as been very nice. -SBB

Sarah, I just joined facebook this week because I wanted to explore the site and take a look at how it works. I have a fairly good idea of what it's like, but I wanted to get a first hand look. Holy cow! As soon as I logged in I had friend requests from a few students-yikes. I'm the opposite of you. I think I'd find it very challenging to have access or knowledge of the personal aspects of my students lives-such as seeing complaints about school etc. I also feel very protective of my own personal space. Needless to say I was totally freaked out and begged my children to get me off facebook. They couldn't figure it out (I don't think they tried very hard) and I've gotten a few emails in the last couple days-help! I'm a facebook Fraidy cat. smlehman

Suzanne, you have to edit your preferences and only make yourself available to those you invite.

Number 2. I only friend students after graduation, that I know I will be talking to down the road due to the mentor like quality of the relationship. Decline the request for friend status and then send those student's a nice e-mail. Let them know how flattered you are, but you are concerned that something like facebook would be hard to manage with the student teacher relationship.

My husband does not friend any current employee' for the very same reason. I know other people who have a work related facebook page and a separate personal facebook page. That is how they keep it separate. Need more help, give me a call. SBB

Facebook Fraidy Cat section- sign me up!! I am with Suzanne that I wouldn't want to know all that personal information about my students/coworkers and I definitely wouldn't want them knowing about me. I guess I just don't see its benefit in nursing education. Call me old fashioned but I just think that if you want to keep in contact with students, there is always email or the phone. After watching the confessions of a nursing student, I don't think students have time to be updating their status on facebook- maybe they should be studying instead! MK

I took awhile before getting on facebook but do like it. I don't understand when people have 300 plus friends. Really….. Facebook is great for keeping in contact with friends and family but it those people that you have seen once in high school that friends you and you don't really know why? Or a distant cousin of my husbands that I have never met invites me to be their friend. I find that ackward. I wouldn't know where to start with nursing students. I think I would keep that separte and stay in contact with my email account. crpurf

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