continuing education

Technology has really saved time and effort when it comes time to fullfill continuing education requirements. I get emails for webinars and podcasts frequently. It used to be one would have to wait for the conference and perhaps travel a great distance and spend a lot of money on hotel and travel to go to a conference. Now we can view it through a webinar or a podcast. Registering and confirmation are all done electronically now too. CE

I NEVER thought of this! This is very good. Are there sites that offer CEU's? I've struggled in the past with getting enough continuuing education for my license. I had small kids and my schedule with work and family made it really difficult to get out there and attend anything. Sooo, I'd put it off. Watching a podcast at home on my own timeframe would have been fantastic. I like the idea of being able to watch something on my computer or listen to an MP3 in my car as I'm chaffeuring kids around. smlehman

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