Academic Electronic Health Record

One of the latest trends in nursing education technology is the use of Academic Electronic Health Records (AEHR). AEHR's allow students to investigate cases and complete case studies. Students can also use AEHR's to practice charting and chart during simulations. A benefit to the AEHR is that students can access it remotely and then have all the tools the AEHR has to offer at their fingertips.

The College of St. Scholastica has a Center for Health Care Innovation which is the provider of one of the few academic health records. This is at:

St. Scholastica AEHR

The University of Kansas, which also has a medical center, uses the electronic medical record throughout their educational process. This was done through the SEEDS program.

University to Kansas SEEDS program

Both of these programs are based on the CERNER electronic health record.

The question here is still does this enhance student learning and does it improve critical thinking and clinical decision making. There is little data to say one way or the other, but the nursing program at KU seems to feel that the use of the AEHR is a success. -SBB

I do like the information the AEHR provides in that it is real patient information and not something someone has made up. My concern with the program is that it is actual information and I am afraid the students will accidentally change some of the information without planning or knowing. It would be nice if the information could be taken and used for educational purposes but not affect the patients actual chart. It also requires quite a bit of orientation which is hard to do with 100 students. -cpiv

I wonder how KU faculty feel about the program off the record. Anyone know anyone at KU? - KMS

I don't know anyone from KU, but they have been using CERNER since 2001. It would be very interesting to talk with faculty there and see what they do and how they do it. SBB

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